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About Thermal Expert (Thermal Camera)

Thermal Expert is a high performance infrared smartphone camera. Infrared smartphone cameras are perfect for seeing in low light conditions and in total darkness. Infrared smartphone cameras give you a vision to see hidden things that normally cannot be seen by the naked eye.

Thermal smartphone cameras enable you to take high resolution thermal images. You can identify energy inefficiencies and see water damage, air leaks at home and explore the great outdoors even in total darkness with thermal smartphone cameras.

Thermal infrared cameras can save you money and time by allowing you to diagnose risks before they become serious. Since thermal infrared cameras detect a massive range of temperatures around you, they can spot overheating machinery, electrical shorts, loose wiring, and other safety hazards. Now thermal infrared cameras have become essential to our lives.

Strength of Thermal Expert

■ As you can see above the comparison image, TE thermal imaging has clear temperature distribution
■ Thermal Expert can recognize all kinds of leak and wiring problems and temperature for health correctly comparing to low resolution image.
■ Thermal Expert is very compact and easy to connect directly comparing to same resolution product
■ Thermal Expert supports windows program which enables to run on tablet PC, or laptop with USB cable and software
■ TE - V1 has the world's highest resolution among smartphone thermal imagers with affordable price.
■ Available to develop your own application with our SDK(Windows, Android, Linux)
■ OEM core has many kinds of output like NTSC, PAL, USB, LVCMOS, and CAMERA LINK
■ 12㎛ detector brought OEM core to become even more compact than before.

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