TE – EV1(Thermal Infrared Camera)


TE-EV1 is the compact and lightweight thermal camera core.
Detector resolution is 640x480 pixel with 17-micron pixels pitch.
Two different Types and 5 different output interfaces of camera cores are selectible to fit to your own application.
Type A is the camera core with image processing board(PB)
Type B is the one without image processing board(PB)
4 different output interfaces are available among NTSC(or PAL), USB, LVDS and CAMERA LINK.
In addition to those interface output option, there’s developer’s version which comes with 50 pin Hirose connector interface.
5V input power is supplied through one of connectors of mini USB, 50 pin, 30 pin FFC.


DIB(Detector Interface Board) : A/D converting of Detector data.
PB(Process Board) : Detector control and image processing.
FB(Feature Board) : Output interface board.
  • USB output mode
  • NTSC output mode
  • CAMERALINK output mode
  • LVDS output mode
PUB(Process USB Board)
  • multifunction of detector control and output interface (LVDS and USB)


Type A
  • with image processing board(PB)
Type B
  • without image processing board(PB)


Detector type Mini-Bolometer(uncooled)
Array format and Pitch 640x480, 17㎛
Thermal sensitivity(NETD) 50mk(Option : 35mk) / F#1.0, room temperature
Spectral range 8 to 14 µm
Power supply DC 5V
Power consumption <2.0W @ (Type A, 30Hz)
<1.5W @ (Type B, 30Hz)
Video output format NTSC or PAL, USB, LVDS, CAMERALINK (Selected by the FB)
Control RS-232 @ baud rate 115200, I2C
Frame rate 9Hz (Option : 30Hz or 60Hz **30Hz or 60Hz needs Export Licence**)
Time to First Image <10sec
Control Command Protocols USB2.0, RS-232, I2C
Dimensions(W x H x D) (with lens mount) 42.5mm x 44.6mm x 41.1mm (Type A)
42.5mm x 44.6mm x 35.9mm (Type B)
Weight < 110g (without lens)
Operation temperature -10°C ~ 65°C (Option : -40°C ~ 65°C)
Storage temperature -40°C ~ 85°C
Scene range temperature -10°C ~ 120°C (at Digital output)

Lens (It's impossible to interchangable with TE-V1)

Focal Length F-number FOV(H x V – Diagonal)
8.5mm f/1.2 73.2 x 54.5 – 93.3
19mm f/1.0 32.3 x 24.4 – 40.1
25mm f/1.2 24.2 x 18.4 – 29.8
35mm f/1.1 17.0 x 13.0 – 20.9

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