1Why Thermal Expert?
--> Highest detector resolution/image quality among similar product. - Resolution : 384x288=110,592, NETD : < 0.05℃ (@13mm lens)
--> Store both thermal image and visible image (support by smart phone) at the same time (including movie clip)
--> Free App(SW) for temperature measurement with many functions is provided.
--> Free temperature analysis SW for window PC are provided.
2Where does the thermal images stored?
--> Thermal images stored at the new folder of the user's device (DCIM₩₩I3system)
--> Thermal images can be found at the folder of I3system using google 'Gallery' application.
3How to update Thermal Expert App?
--> You can update application either at google play store or at the address of http://www.i3-thermalexpert.com/support/android-app
4What is the lowest android version support in T.E Q1?
--> TE supports over Kikat (Android version 4.4x)
5What should I do when Thermal Expert's operation be on halt and doesn't work?
--> Unplug Thermal Expert from the device and plug it again to work it gain.
--> Clean the memory of the device and run thermal expert app again.
--> If it doesn't work, reboot the device.
* For more detailed description, refer to the manual 14th page.
6Where can I find the product manual?
--> It can be downloaded at http://www.i3-thermalexpert.com/support/brochuremanual/
7Is it water resistant?
--> Thermal Expert product isn't water resistant. If broken by water, warranty will not be valid.
8How can I buy it?
--> For domestic market, it can be purchased at the dealer shop which is listed at i3system hompage.
--> For further explanation on technical question and for inquiries on Thermal Expert Development kit, you mat contact i3system company directly.
--> it is available to buy our product with paypal service in Shop menu.
9Product, Accessory kit and optional lens
10What is the application method of T.E - V1
-->The resolution of T.E - V1 is 640X480(307,200 pixels). it can see thermal image more detail comparing to low resolution.
-->T.E - V1 can know the difference of temperature more detail, although the object is located in long distance like electric pole.
-->If you visit applcation, you can get more information about T.E - V1 application
11Can I use USB C-Type Mobile for thermal expert?
--> It is possible to use USB C-Type mobile with TYPE-C gender supporting OTG funtion


1Introduction to Temperature Measurement using thermal imager
--> A thermal imager is a non-contact temperature measurement device.
--> Thermal imager detects the infrared energy emitted, transmitted or reflected by all materials at temperature above zero (0˚ Kelvin)
--> While spot infrared thermometer presents only a single temperature at a single spot, thermal imager gives you whole picture. (384x288=110,592 spots for Thermal Expert)
--> The critical considerations for thermal imager are as follows.
- field of view (target size and distance)
- type of surface being measured(emissivity consideration)
- spectral response (for atmospheric effects or transmission through surfaces)
- temperature range (target temperature)
- environment (ambient temperature)
2What is the temperature range?
--> TE - Q1 : -10℃ ~ 150℃ (6.8mm, default Lens)
TE - Q1 Pro : -10℃ ~ 250℃ (6.8mm, default Lens)
TE - Q1 Plus : -10℃ ~ 120℃ (13mm, default Lens)
TE - V1 : -10℃ ~ 120℃ (19mm, default Lens)
3What software platforms are supported for the product?
--> Currently, T.E Q1, V1 works on android device (smart phones, tablet PC and so on)
--> T.E Q1, V1 iOS will be provided during 3nd half of 2016.
--> T.E Q1, V1 Development Kit provide software platform of Window, Linux as well as Android.
4Does temperature analysis software program be supported?
--> Temperature analysis software program for window PC is supported.
(Downloadable at the http://www.i3-thermalexpert.com//support/analysis-tool/)
5What is the difference between 6.8mm lens and 13mm lens in T.E Q1?

--> 6.8mm lens(f# 1.3) has FOV of 71.4˚ and detection range of 230m.
--> 13mm lens(f# 1.0) has FOV of 35.3˚ and detection range of 440m.
--> Lens can be changeable during use for user's needs on preferred detection range.
6What is the accuracy of temperature measurement?
--> Temperature measurement error of Thermal Expert is less than ±3℃ or ±3% at ambient temperature.
* Please note that temperature measurement error is sometimes inevitable due to variant environment condition.
Recommended distance range for temperature measurement is 30cm ~ 3m (@ 6.8mm lens)
7Does it operate on Android only?
--> Windows programs are provided, and user can use it on PC, labtop, and tablet with Windows OS.
--> iOS is not available.
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