Thermal Expert App.

App. Function

Color Pallet : Provides 12 pattens of Color mode

Photos and videos save : Save photos and videos of the infrared image including visible image

Image viewer : Check the stored video in smart phone

Display of temperature function : Provides a method of displaying temperature from professional and general report applications

Image synthesis : Provides a synthesis of visible light and infrared image

Report function : Convert to PDF report including photos and videos

■ Provide improved function of the thermal image through the image processing
■ Recognition function of people and vehicles

App. Feature

Color Pallet : Depending on the characteristics of the thermal image, the 12 pattens of Color palette are applicable.

1) White Hot
2) Black Hot
3) Hottest
4) Coldest
5) Iron
6) BlueRed
7) Medical
8) Purple
9) Purple Yellow
10) Dark Blue
11) Cyan
12) Rainbow

Temperature Display : Depending on the temperature measured, the five modes are selectable.
1) Point (custom, Hot & Cold), 2) Straight (graph), 3) Rectangle (maximum, minimum, average), 4) Circular (maximum, minimum, average), 5) Auto MinMax(Automatically detect the spot of minimum and maximum)

Adjustment mode for angle of view : The four modes are selectable for a comparison of infrared and visible light
1) 50:50 View, 2) Twin View, 3) Overlay View, 4) Floating View
Adjustment mode for angle of view : Adjustable angle of view between the visible light sensor and the infrared detector

Reporting function (PDF reports)
Date ,Time, Photos, Video, User comments, Shooting position information


■ OS: Android OS support (upcoming IOS)
■ Communication method: USB2.0 OTG

Head quarter /Factory : 69, Techno 5-ro, Yuseong-gu, Daejeon, Korea
Research center : 435, Expo-ro, Yuseong-gu, Daejeon, 34051, Republic of Korea
Tel : +82 70 4944 7734, FAX : +82 42 863 3555