Windows Program

For Windows

T.E Analyst

TE-SQ1, TE-Q1, TE-V1 Series Analyst Program

■ Ver 1.14 : User can change font and color of the text on marker
※ Visual Studio 2010 32bit mus be installed before using T.E. Analyst.

Program Functionality


Load IR images
Show the IR and visible image at the same time
Check & indicate the temperature through the point, line, and rectangle marker
Check the temperature difference between a specific point market (reference) and another point marker
Image Processing View

Report Generation

Generate the report for analysis contents
Confirm the temperature and detailed information

T.E Window Software

Real-time Monitoring Program

※ T.E USB Driver and Visual Studio 2010 Redistributable Package must be installed before using T.E. Windows Software.
· T.E USB Driver 1.0.3 is required for Windows 8.1 or previous version
· T.E USB Driver 1.0.4 is for Windows 10 or 11

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